​​"Good Friends, Good Food while enjoying Good Times Together"

309 Huffman Mill Rd. Burlington, North Carolina 27215 • (336) 584-1177

309 Huffman Mill Rd.

Burlington, North Carolina 27215

Phone: (336) 584-1177

Our Story

Hunt Ward was born and raised in Burlington, North
Carolina. His family operated school photography
and publishing companies for more than 65 years.
His love of cooking and entertaining included a 15
year ownership of Black Rock Market and Deli at
Wintergreen Resort in Virginia. After meeting in
college and marrying in 1982, Julia joined Hunt in
the family business as well as Black Rock Market
and now at Mel’s Good Times Cafe. Their son, Will
Ward will also be on staff while he attends college.
Their daughter, Nicole who lives and works in New
York will enjoy her visits as Hunt continues to expand
his culinary skills to include regional specialties from
coast to coast.

The journey to this point has been fun, and with the
help of our good friends and customers, our future
is bright here in Burlington.

Thank you for your support and your business.

Hunt Ward